Working At Height And Drop Objects Training
1 Day (8 Hours)
Training Objective:

This course is about managing fall hazards.

A fall hazard is a situation where a person is exposed to a risk of a fall from one level to another that is reasonably likely to cause an injury. Even falls from a low height have the potential to cause serious injury and must be managed.


A falling object.

These can cause serious injuries if controls are not implemented to eliminate or minimise the associated risks. A person can receive fatal head injuries if an unsecured object is dropped from a height. It is essential to ensure that objects do not fall onto people who may be under or next to the area where the work is being carried out.


This Guideline provides information to assist workplaces to manage fall hazards in the workplace which Includes activities where people are working:

• Off the ground (e.g. up ladders, on work platforms);

• On the ground close to holes (e.g. excavations) edges or ledges (e.g. retaining walls);

• Openings through which people could fall (e.g. skylight); or

• In areas where objects may fall from higher levels and cause injury

Who Should Attend:

Corporate / government / Schools / Collages / mining / Industries / Individual and public groups welcome.

Topics Covered:

What is working at height activity and how to work safe during the activity.