Rigging And Slinging Training
2 Day (16 Hours)
Training Objective:

To teach the basic skill requirements, practical applications and associated job safety knowledge to personnel involved in slinging, lifting and signalling operations.

At the end of the course successful delegates should be able to identify, select, inspect and use slings and lifting tackle both safely and efficiently.

Who Should Attend:

Any Rigging and Slinging Crew

Topics Covered:
  • Inspection definition
  • Marking of lifting equipment
  • Safe use of wire ropes
  • Safe use of chain slings
  • Sling loads and angles
  • Safe use of fabric slings
  • Safe use of shackles & eyebolts
  • Safe use of beam clamps & trolleys
  • Establishing load weight and centre of gravity
  • Correct crane signals
  • Local management instructions covering rigging and slinging
  • Have sufficient knowledge to be a Responsible Person when using Lifting Equipment