Advance Fire Fighting Training
5 Days (40 Hours)
Training Objective:

The purpose of this course is to provide training and knowledge in fire prevention, protection and extinguishment.

Who Should Attend:

Corporate / government / Schools / Collages / mining / Industries / Individual and public groups welcome.

Topics Covered:
  • Fire Classification with available extinguishing Medias. The common causes of fire and leading into the theory of fire.  Classes of fire and the extinguishment.
  • Fire Extinguisher Use and routine inspections. The portable extinguishers as an aid to fight the fire at earliest stage.  Safe operations and the correct use of fire extinguishers and practical use of fire extinguishers on a fire ground towards various classes of fire.
  • Fire extinguishing media and how to apply them to extinguish the fire
  • Maintenance of fire fighting media
  • Different types of fire hoses and nozzles, behaviour of fire and applicable media. Explanation of fire hose available methods of storage and demonstrate running out of fire hose.  The participants will be explained of water spray for protection and towards the end of the session the participant will practice maneuvering whilst applying water.
  • The Course Leader will explain of foam concentrate and form making equipment followed by the demonstration of correct application. The participants will practice the setting up application and making up of the equipment.
  • Course Leader will lead the team with wide angle spray for protection from the heat and flame to isolate a valve in close proximately to fire to enable the participants to understand the correct techniques of approaching the valve for isolation.
  • The Course Leader will designate the participants to stabilise and normalise a multifire situation using all the fire fighting technique and equipment previously used.
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Emergency Communication
  • Fire Attack Plan with P.A.S.S and Stop, Drop and Roll vs. Stop, Drop and Crawl
  • Practical Exercise