First Aid Training
5 Days (40 Hours) (Note: this time is particular for 25 candidates)
Training Objective:

To Preserve Life, To Prevent Further worsening of the condition, To Promote Recovery.

Who Should Attend:

Corporate / government / Schools / Collages / mining / Industries / Individual and public groups welcome.

Topics Covered:
  • Definition, Scope and rules of First Aid
  • Wound and Bleeding
  • Types of Wounds
  • Internal & External Bleeding
  • Dressing and Bandages for Bleeding
  • Types of Bandages
  • Use of Roller Bandage
  • Use of Triangular Bandage
  • Fracture definition, Causes and Types
  • Rescue and Techniques to transport the IP, How to immobilize and carry the injured person
  • Poison and Insect Bites
  • Inhale, Ingest and inject poison
  • Burns Degree and Area of Burns
  • CPR
  • Movie Presentation and Practical exercise